Monday, April 11, 2011

The Blog of Eternal Sketch cross post

Hey Drop Dead Evil-ites! Check out "The Blog of Eternal Sketch" This week! We're doing creator owned properties, and Monday is Drop Dead Evil! I figured I would cross post, to help promote the sketch blog and DDE at the same time. I hope you all enjoy! The original is for sale for only $25 so hurry up and snatch it!

-Dustin Evans

Friday, March 25, 2011

Drop Dead Evil, the BLOG!

Hey, gang. Dustin Evans, creator of Drop Dead Evil here. I created this blog to allow me to easily post and update DDE. Check back here for updates, sketches, contests and other fun stuff. Help spread the word, follow me, tweet the page, do whatever you can if you enjoy the comic.

I'm posting the most recent pages of Drop Dead Evil on this post, then I will be updating regularly with each page. Enjoy!

-Dustin Evans